Welcome to our new and improved website! We trust you will find our site educational and informative. We aim to try and answer your questions and create a space that is very user friendly. Easy to navigate, we tell you what you want to know, without it being elusive and unhelpful. We hope you find what you are looking for. Feel free to come on in to our factory, contact our office via phone or submit one of our handy contact forms on the site for more information. At Powdercoating Services we service commercial, industrial and domestic powdercoating requirements. No job is too small. Please refer to our page that lists the full sizing capabilities of our facilities and whether our abilities are right for you! We also have a facebook page that is updated on a very regular basis. Please LIKE and SHARE us!!

2 Lochlarney St Beenleigh QLD 4207 Ph (07)38047352 Fax (07)38047356 Email: sales@pcsbeenleigh.com.au ABN 65 604 858 291

At our factory located in Beenleigh we are a one stop shop. On site we have a sandblasting facility, 5 x aluminium pre-treatment submersion tanks and an oven capable of powdercoating lengths of up to 10m! Book with us today! Phone (07) 38047352 Mobile 0484 847 352 - for quick quotes please feel free to text your images!